Project “Borders and Cultural Models: Paganization vs Christianity” Round Table

On 30.3.2023, from 11.30 a.m. in Hall 1 of the Sofia University Rectorate, the colleagues from the project “Borders and Cultural Models: Paganism vs. Christianity in the Contact Zone of the Danube Limes (Scythia Minor and Moesia Secunda in the 4th-7th centuries) (FNI KP- 06-Н60/10 from 17.11.2021) organize an international round table on the topic “Border, periphery, military zone: spatial and cultural dimensions“. We are happy to participate in this event, enjoying the good scientific cooperation between our two projects, which will allow to extend and continue the research of the problematic of the cult and religion in ancient Thrace towards the period of the post-antique and medieval era!

More about the event and the program of the round table can be found here.