Древна Тракия в цифри

Application terms and deadline

Application deadline:


Deadline extended:


Acceptance notification:


Deadline for late apllications


NO TAXES and FEES required

15 available participants places

Eligible for the application are undergraduate and graduate students (in the course of their education or applying for a degree program) from the field of Ancient Studies, History, Archaeology, Numismatics, Art History, Classical Studies, Classical Philology, etc.

The working language of the Sofia Numismatic School will be English.

The program is suitable for young researchers with basic numismatic experience, or with no previous knowledge in the area. The courses will aim to support the participants to acquire and develop further their expertise in Ancient Numismatics. It is also fitting for more experienced in Numismatics young scholars, who would like to acquire more detailed insight into the specifics of the numismatic artefacts from Thrace and the Black Sea Region.

The application process is online based, via the application form embedded in the platform.

All applicants will be informed of the application process results and the commission decision according to the schedule above.

Please, fill out carefully the application form and send the required in it CV.

In case of questions, feel free to contact us at: measuring.ancient.thrace@gmail.com