Seminar “Methodological Debate: Methodology of Numismatics”

On May 3, 2022, a seminar “Methodology of Numismatics” was held in Hall 2 of Sofia University, as part of the activities of WP 1. “Methodological Debate”. The scientific program included three lectures of the project members Acad. Prof. Dhc François de Callataÿ, Dr. Ulrike Peter, and Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Stolba. The vivid interest towards the problems of numismatics was evidenced by the intensive attendance of the event by over 40 colleagues and young scholars from local scientific institutions, as well as by students in “History” and “Archaeology” at the Sofia University.

During the event Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Popov, Director of NAIM-BAS, bestowed on Dr. Ulrike Peter a certificate of a honorary member of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, for her outstanding contributions in the numismatic research of ancient Thrace.

Seminar opening (photo: Denislav Vachinski)
Lecture of Acad. Prof. François de Callataÿ, dhc (photo: Denislav Vachinski)
Lecture of Dr. Ulrike Peter (photo: Denislav Vachinski)
Lecture of PhD Dr. habil. Vladimir Stolba (photo: Denislav Vachinski)
Bestowing on Dr. Ulrike Peter a certificate for a honorary member of NAIM-BAS by its director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristo Popov (photo: Denislav Vachinski)