A prestigiouse award of Prof. François de Callataÿ

It is our great pleasure to join the greetings to Prof. François de Callataÿ, who received the prestigious award of the Royal Numismatic Society for 2021!

The Society’s Medal was instituted in 1883 to be awarded annually to ‘some person highly distinguished for services to Numismatic Science’, as elected by the Council. Through the years, among the award-holders were such prominent scholars in ancient history and numismatics like Theodor Mommsen (1895), Arthur J. Evans (1902), Kurt Regling (1933), Behrendt Pick (1935), Margaret Thompson (1967), George Le Rider (1974), Maria Alföldi (1995), and many others.

The public lecture of Prof. de Callataÿ will take place on Tuesday, 18 January 2022, in Zoom (more details and the Zoom link are on the page of RNS)!