Measuring Ancient Thrace: Seminar on terms

Measuring Ancient Thrace: Seminar on terms

As part of the “Working Package 1. Methodological Debate” the team of “Measuring Ancient Thrace” project organized a seminar on terms, used in the Thracian studies. Its purpose is to initiate the discussion on the standardization of used terms and concepts in the study of Thracian (and not only) antiquity. On the one hand, some terms that have been widely used are not always appropriate. On the other hand, the adoption of many new terms from foreign literature, especially with the widespread introduction of digital technologies, necessitates the launch of such a discussion. Lecturers in the meetings are team members and young scholars with a personal invitation. The moderator of the discussions is Prof. Dr. Dr.Sc. Dilyana Boteva.

Discussed topics:

19.5.20211. Authentication of ancient coins: Problems of the terminology in their descriptionProf. Dr.Dr.Sc. Ilya Prokopov
18.11.20212. In search of alternative terms: “Pre-Roman Thrace”(?); „Vowed reliefs/monuments”(?)Prof. Dr.Dr.Sc. Dilyana Boteva
08.02.2022 3. “Theory” and “methodology” in historical disciplines: manners of usageAssoc. Prof. Dr. Julia
24.03.20224. Royal authority, ruler and ideologyZozan Tarhan, PhD
Metodiy Rozhdestvenskiy, PhD

Тopic 4: Royal authority, ruler and ideology

Date: 24.03.2022, Thursday

Zozan Tarhan, PhD, Researcher (R2), Faculty of History, Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”: (Royal) Authority in the Neo-Assyrian Empire and Neighbouring Lands. Reality and Ideological Motifs
Metodiy Rozhdestvenskiy, PhD, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: The Mycenaean Wanax in Anthropological Perspective

Тopic 5: Classical and alternative methods for analysis and visual representation in Numismatics

Date: 7.04.2022, Thursday

Lecturer: Hristina Ivanova-Anaplioti, PhD, Institut for Archaeology, Department for Classical Archaeology, Zürich University

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